farmer's market amuse bouche (tbd)

plate one

hickory-roasted radishes, warm buttered leeks, whipped ricotta-feta, black pepper-infused honey, ky wildflower bee pollen & poppy
wine tba

farmer’s market intermezzo one (tbd)

plate two
rye, barley, stinging nettle risotto, pickled wild onions, farm soft egg yolk
wine tba

farmer’s market intermezzo two (tbd)

plate three
cauliflower four ways, verjus-pickled green grapes, spring mints, & fried capers
wine tba

farmer’s market intermezzo three (tbd)

plate four
white sesame ice cream sandwich, rhubarb, cacao nibs, goats milk caramel
wine tba

Hi y'all.
We're so excited to be creating a completely vegetarian menu for our last Sunday Supper of Spring.
Not to mention, it's Earth Day 2018!
So we figure, why not feature an all-star cast of wine pairings from some of the most innovative Biodynamic wineries today.
And that's exactly what we're going to do!

Here's the dealio.
With the temperatures being what they've been, it's been really hard on our local farmers getting early produce out of their fields. Heck, they can't even get into their fields!
So we're going to plan four courses of delicious dishes made with known available produce.
Real doozies too.
But on top of that, we're going to raid the Lexington Farmer's Market Saturday morning and pull together four more dishes a la minute and bring them to your table as small bites between the planned mains.
Four hyper fresh, local intermezzi if you will.
That's right, eight dishes and four amazing wine selections.
Ticket price is only $97 for everything, dinner, wine, gratuity, tax...We're really looking forward to a full house for this one. So we're pricing it to fit your budget.

See you Sunday!