suppli di riso (fried risotto) &

crostini di fegatini (duck liver mousse toasts)


iota (Friulian white bean soup, with herbs, cabbage, & sunwatch homestead heritage pork)


salsiccia e polenta (duck sausage, shallot-thyme-dried cherry butter, polenta)


scarola con pistacci all’acciugata (chicory with pistachios & salt-packed anchovies) &

radiccio alla pancetta (radicchio grilled with house-cured bacon)


strudel di mele con gelato al miele affumicato (apple strudel with smoked honey ice cream)

At one time, found throughout northern Italy, Frasci were friendly and informal gathering places, a destination for farmers, friends, and families to share a meal and a bottle of wine. Identified by a tree branch hanging over a doorway, they were a symbol of local farm cuisine, wine, and warm hospitality. As the harvest came to a close, the branch would wither and change color to indicate the end of the season. The Frasca would then close its door until the next year.

Well, mfkb is doing a Frasca for one lovely Sunday evening. Come join us for some regional northern Italian cookery, wines, amari, and hospitality.

And it's an afordable night to relax. $50 includes dinner, gratuity, ky sales tax, and RESY booking fee. Leaving only your beverage(s) of choice to be decided on.

Come, enjoy!

A presto!