NYE 2018/2019

guest’s choice of one dish from each of five courses:


Pork rillette, brown bread, pickled shallots & mustard seeds, olive oil, sorghum, frisee or

Whipped feta*, warm-spiced ceci beans, olive oil, honey, wood-grilled pita


Pork gyoza, persimmon XO sauce, buttered smoked shoyu, chilis, scallions, sesame or

Lamb ragu, buckweat sourdough pancake, pickled turnip mostarda, fromage blanc or

Rabbit porchetta, wood-grilled, morel mushroom, pappardelle or

Artichokes*, wood-grilled, diavola tomato sauce, olive oil, lemon


Soup: cullen skink (milk, finnan haddie, potatoes, chives) or

Salad*: pea shoots, frenched beans, peas, parmigiano vinaigrette, sunflower seeds,
crispy farm egg


Scallops, cucumber, radishes, raisins, soubise, parsley foam or

Beef tournedos, wood-grilled, red & golden beets, horseradish, chevre or

Pheasant, confit of legs, wood-grilled breast, foie gras torchon, cranberry or

Cauliflower* en saur, whole roasted, almonds, capers, infused grapes, brassica leaves


sweet board for two

(*vegetarian friendly dishes)